Smart-Package-PackagingThe internet has been great for brands with passive online information. Now Smart Packaging (SP) can unlock new potential and The Internet of Things (IoT) which allows brands to close the gap between the brand and consumer.    Smart Packaging is the interaction between a smartphone and a product to interactively access digital content or services.  Smart packaging brings brand information directly into contact with individual consumers to build a brand post-purchase.   Major potential benefits of plugging smart packaging into the IoT:

– Better customer engagement
– Connecting consumers to services and experiences to consumers
– Gain smarter consumer data
– More Customer/Product data
– Relevant campaigns

Smart Packaging code or tags are intelligently embedded into a package design and messaging. Interaction can be personalized based on variables like location, specials, product details, time of day, weather and more.  Common SP technologies include NFC [near-field communication], QR [quick response] codes, augmented reality and image recognition.

Currently, millions of platforms and multiple technologies fighting to be the go-to for IoT but content. Good design captures. Perception is reality and the products that win are generally brands who are clever, fun and interesting.